Installfx offers a range of specialised service to our clients - bringing together the knowledge of 30 years of aluminium joinery manufacturing and installations with a comprehensive range of skills and services.

  • Leaky Buildings - do you suspect the aluminium windows or doors may be leaking?  Often the aluminium joinery is the first place our clients think may be the cause of leak problems.
  • A site inspection of the joinery is the first step.  Often what may seem obvious may not be at all - water may in fact be ingressing from another point in the building and tracking down to the aluminium joinery frames, giving the appearance of a "leaky window".

We offer a consultancy and advisory service, specialising in Leaky Building projects and Steel Window Refurbishment on Heritage Buildings in Auckland.

Installfx is one of a very few pre-qualified aluminium joinery installation companies that are registered with the Windows Association of New Zealand - we are able to offer our clients a full Warranty and Producer Statements as required by Councils.


 We have a range of cherrypickers and access equipment available for projects if required, enabling us to provide a complete service to clients at competitive rates.  Visit us at: